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Partnership / Outsourcing

Delivering world-class custom software application, web application and database development solutions in a wide range of industries has brought Digisoft immense hands-on experience and in-depth technological know-how. Our specialized industry knowledge empowers us to understand the issues and challenges within your competitive space and translate proven technologies into value-added solutions that match your business goals and needs.

Digisoft's customers range from small start-up companies to large enterprises, and our services range from a single resource to a full-scale turn-key outsourcing solution. An experienced and technically proficient outsourcing partner, Digisoft enables you to compress software development time, reduce development costs, and achieve the shortest time-to-market possible. We take full responsibility for the offshore development of your custom project thus enabling you to focus your time, energy and resources on the core business, increasing sales and market share.

Using the cross-platform and easily adjustable custom software development technologies, we offer our customers an opportunity to choose a pricing strategy which best suits their unfolding project. For example, at the initial testing and tuning stages one may safely opt for an ordinary Linux workstation. When the system starts working, it may be installed on an enterprise Windows server (with still no need to upgrade to hi-end). Later, in case the application load keeps growing, the system will have to be moved to a more powerful server or cluster under a commercial Unix or Linux OS. This final stage is exactly the moment when one truly needs to have hi-end equipment involved specifically for the project. So, choosing the above option will significantly reduce the investment risks, because a decent share of expenses (around 40 %) becomes due only upon the concept feasibility realization and its particular implementation.

This way one is unlikely to come across any serious problems when migrating a product from one OS to another. What we usually do in process of web-based database-driven application development is use MySQL (or Oracle) and PHP. The resulting system turns very mobile thanks to the fact that RDBMS's and PHP being used are capable of working on a wide variety of operation systems and platforms. Of course, the solution migration issue needs to be discussed early at the feasibility study preparation stage.

Software Outsourcing Methodology : Through many years of providing outsourcing services on custom software, web and database development, Softerra has been using a standardized and refined software development methodology which is solid and clearly defined, yet flexible to meet the individual needs of diverse custom solutions. This methodology represents a powerful combination of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards, and is focused on streamlining the development process to increase return on investment (ROI) and compress time-to-market. Digisoft's methodology is applied successfully to medium to large-scale custom application development projects and involves the following phases:

  • Defining Project Requirements
  • Proposal Document
  • Functional Specification Development & Approval
  • Software Development & Alpha Release
  • QA Testing & Beta Release
  • Final Release, Installations Scripts & Deployment
  • Ongoing Technical Support & Enhancements

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