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System Migration & Data Conversion

Digisoft has a well-designed and carefully crafted approach for considering application migration and re-engineering. We have implemented 12-Step Methodology after considering the pros and cons and usage is subjected to the complexity of migration project in nature:

  • 1. Assessment
  • 2. Database conversion
  • 3. Application conversion
  • 4. Script conversion
  • 5. Integration with third-party applications
  • 6. Data migration
  • 7. Functional testing
  • 8. Performance tuning
  • 9. Integration and deployment
  • 10. Training and knowledge transfer
  • 11. Documentation and version control
  • 12. Post production support

The main drivers for migration include:

  • The current system no longer performs as expected.
  • A new technology which drives processes faster becomes available.
  • The old system becomes deprecated and support is no longer available for it.
  • Change in direction of Modernization & increased productivity.